Friday, October 23, 2009

Turkish Delights

While looking back at some of the photos, I found many that bring back sweet memories of Turkey, very different from the usual tourist shots. So I thought it would be good to share them here to sum up my holiday in Turkey.

Faces of Turkey.

A grandfather(?) and his granddaughter flying a kite at Pigeon Valley, Cappadocia.

A grandmother(?) and her grandson at a lake below the Pamukkale hills.

A couple of shop assistance at a nut shop at a rest stop, between Ankara and Istanbul.

A group of school children at the Ataturk Memorial, Ankara.

School children outing in Topkapi Palace, Istanbul

Some unusual fauna.

Grasshopper at Ephesus

Lizard at Ephesus

Spider at Ephesus

Butterfly at garden in Mother Mary's house

"Dragonfly" in Pegamon

And finally some wild fauna.

At Pegamon

At Troy

At Troy

At Pegamon

At Ephesus

At Canakkale

And these are sure Turkish Delights, not the edible kind but just as sweet.

A note for Malaysian travellers. Turkey is currently the cheapest European destination for package tours and it is certainly best value for your money since you get the best of both Eastern and Western cultures. What more with MAS now flying direct from KLIA to Istanbul, the hassle of transit in the Middle East is now gone.

Ronald Kwok

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