Saturday, June 20, 2009

Back from holidays in Turkey

Hi, I am back from my holidays in Turkey and I'll be posting the details later. First a general overview. This is a very enjoyable holiday, though a bit tiring because of the long coach journey at times since Turkey is a big country (geographically) and package tours such as this would want to cover as much as possible in the shortest time. This was a 10-day tour and I extended another 3 days on my own in Istanbul.

As stated in my earlier post, I choose the tour under Parlo Tours and it turned out to be a good choice. First we had a good local guide, Ali, who was both knowledgeable on Turkish affairs and also very entertaining with his personal Turkish life anecdotes. The hotels and the food were also pretty good by Turkish standards and the itinerary was even better than what was advertised as it covered some places not mentioned in the brochure. So just a quick photo tour of the major places covered.


Bosphorus Cruise








More details in my later posts.

The break was good but the problem with such breaks is that it is difficult to get back into the routine again so maybe that is why they are called breaks as they break the routine. Previously after a tour, I only had to deal with my still photography but this time around I also had to sort out hours and hours of videos taken by my wife on her new Sanyo HD2000 camcorder so it took me quite a while to start blogging again. Never mind.

Ronald Kwok

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